Parramatta & District Regional Law Society

Instructions for Adding or Editing the Member Business Directory

There is no cost to firms with a current financial member of the Parramatta & District Law Society Inc.

The entry to the Member Business Directory does not expire but may be removed if the firm ceases to have a current financial member of the Parramatta & District Law Society Inc.


  1. At least one member of the firm or employee of the firm must be a current financial member of the Parramatta & District Law Society Inc (the Society)
  2. The Society reserves the right to remove an entry if the firm does not satisfy the above criteria.
  3. The person adding or amendment of an entry must be expressly authorised by the Firm add or amend the entry for that firm.
  4. The Firm takes full responsibility for the content of the entry and by submitting or amending an entry agrees to indemnify the Society in respect of any loss or costs, including legal costs incidental to a claim, whether upheld or not, relating to the Firm’s content.
  5. The Firm takes full responsibility for keeping the contents of the entry up to date.
  6. By submitting or amending an entry the Firm agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set out in the footer to this website and on the entry form.

Instructions to Create an Entry

  1. Login
  2. Click on Members’ Business Directory
  3. Click on Create a Listing
  4. Business Type – select type of practice from the list that will appear when you click on the field.
  5. Complete other fields including Accredited Specialties and areas of practice
  6. Upload your logo and other images to a maximum of 5 images. Each image must not exceed 500 px wide and 500 px in height.
  7. Select the image which will in the list of entries (the thumbnail).
  8. Review and agree to the terms and conditions.
  9. Click Complete Listing. This will submit the entry for approval. You may be taken to a payment form but the payment amount is nil. In this case, submit the nil payment form.

Instructions to Edit an Entry

  1. If the entry has been submitted but not yet approved (published) submit your amendments using the Contact us Form.
  2. Login
  3. Click on Members’ Business Directory
  4. Go to your entry
  5. Click on name to open entry
  6. Click on edit. You can only edit entries of which you are the author. if you are not the author send a message using the Contact us Form with your details including your authority to edit your firm’s entry. You will then be made the author of the firm entry to allow you to edit the entry.
  7. Amend the fields as appropriate.
  8. Click Complete listing