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To be a member of the Parramatta and District Regional Law Society you must hold a current Practising Certificate and be practising as a legal practitioner from an address as advised to the Law Society of New South Wales within the boundaries of the Region (which broadly coincide with the local government areas of Parramatta, Holroyd, Blacktown and The Hills.) The Society also provides associate membership for law students and clerks and retired lawyers.


The Parramatta & District Regional Law Society is a regional Law Society of the Law Society of New South Wales. It represents solicitors both in the private and public sectors in the Parramatta region. Our objectives are, amongst others:

  • To promote and support local legal initiatives
  • To lobby on key issues affecting the local legal profession and;
  • To assist with the provision of educational & training opportunities for the local profession.

The objects as per our Constitution include:

  • To consider, originate and promote reform and improvements in the law;
  • to consider proposed alterations, and oppose or support the same; to remedy defects in the administration of justice;
  • to effect improvements in administration or practice and for the said purposes to petition Parliament or take such other proceedings as may be deemed expedient;
  • to represent generally the views of the profession;
  • to preserve and maintain it integrity and status;
  • to suppress dishonourable conduct or practices;
  • to provide for the amicable settlement or adjustment of professional disputes, and to consider and deal with all matters affecting the professional interests of members of the Association;
  • to encourage and promote the study of law; and
    to provide means for securing efficiency and responsibility on the part of those seeking admission to the profession.

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