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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a member of the Parramatta & District Regional Law Society?

To be a member of the Parramatta and District Regional Law Society you must hold a current Practising Certificate and be practising as a legal practitioner from an address as advised to the Law Society of New South Wales within the boundaries of the Region (which broadly coincide with the local government areas of Parramatta, Holroyd, Blacktown and The Hills.) The Society also provides associate membership for law students and clerks and retired lawyers.

How do I update my contact details, areas of practice or accreditation?

Just log in and you will be taken to your profile page where you can update your details.

What happens if I move from a firm that has Firm Membership?

If the firm you are leaving has a firm membership and so does the firm you are going to then the ‘bundle administrator’ for the firm you are going to can add you to their membership bundle. The ‘bundle administrator’ for the firn you have left should remove you from their membership bundle.

If the firm you are going to has less than 6 members of the District Society then you will need to take up individual membership, You can change this yourself when you login and are taken to your profile. You will have to pay for the individual membership. Other arrangements can be made if you made a contribution to you old firm’s membership fess.

How to Manage Firm Memberships or 'Bundles'?

This short video below of (3:43 minutes) may help. The membership levels for the Parramatta & District Law Society that can have bundles are already set up. They are “Annual Firm Membership Fee (6-9 members)” and “Annual Firm Membership Fee (10+ members)”

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